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12th Octave - 217 S. Pennsylvania Avenue - Greensburg, PA 15601


call / text: 412-414-3051

Conveniently Located

Right in the cultural district of Greensburg, Pa (with public parking right across), we serve all near-by communities including: Greensburg, Youngwood, Latrobe, Delmont, Irwin and others! We have multiple music studio rooms, paint/craft classroom and small group workshop rooms.  Parents can rest comfortably in our lobby or browse our gallery filled with local artwork while their kids are learning!

Private Lessons

30 or 60 minute individual lessons, tailored to your unique learning style by musicians who are passionate and skilled in their craft.  Our offering includes: 

piano, guitar, drums, bass guitar, flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, mandolin, banjo, voice, and more!  

Our instructors come from vast musical background and bring years of experience and various styles!  In addition to mechanics of music, we teach expression and musicianship to prepare our students for a lifetime of music.  We teach students of all ages!  Contact us for rates and availability.


 1-4 hours workshops designed to learn a particular skill or craft, centered around developing creativity, teamwork and leadership. Current workshops include: Creative Writing, Acrylic Pour Painting, Composing Canvases

Exhibit / Art Shows

We are looking forward to hosting our first Art Exhibit in Spring, 2020, featuring artwork from local artist, Art Passante. 


Need a gift?  Love to support local art? Browse our gallery filled with artwork from local artists, including Sammi Stockley, Hannah Joy Powell, Rebecca Shissler, and Tiffany Bratton.  

Where did our name come from?

The name “12 Octave” has unique significance. Generally regarded as a number that signifies the perfection of authority, the number twelve symbolizes God’s power and authority in my own life. There are 12 unique tones in an octave. An Octave is a musical term that represents the interval between two notes, one having twice the frequency of vibration of the other (thus, one “lower” and one “higher”). This interval symbolizes the gap between where we are as individuals, and where we want to be. Through continued development of our musical, artistic, or leadership skills, we can close the gap. Although not a religious organization, the 12th Octave will operate on principles founded in Christian faith, and develop people with Biblically bases principles.